Borders disappoint me!

Searching for dichotomy,

I stumble upon

another me

sitting other side…

Both of us so similar,

just wearing

a different attire


Both of me played

the game together

across this

what they call a border

We cheer, we jeer

blame each other

Like sibling rivalry

between two brothers


We enjoy this game of glory

whose code is

written by others

We always

believe their story,

that there is a

different world across

We have to save

our world with bravery


As the evening drops

and the cheering die,

before returning

I just turn back

to see the other me..

I want to say good bye?

But can’t…

Borders forbade me!!

© Sukanta…2018



She-a free verse

free verse

Like a free verse

she flows through me…

Exploring me,

in her own time…



erasing me

playfully at her own whims…


I tried to define her

with the set of rules

they gave me…

In her random rhythmed dance,

I tried to search love…


But she just

overflows my predictions…

Sometimes soaking me

with self-pity…

Sometimes stunning me

with imaginary amorous overtures…


Like a free verse

She flows through me…


trying to find her own tune…

Touching every core of me,

yet not really settling in me…

© Sukanta…2018 (image from internet)